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Full cast photo of theater students in a colorful production of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Student Capstone Projects in Theater

Senior Showcase

The Quinnipiac University Senior Actors present their capstone project: A Senior Showcase. Our students will each present projects ranging from performances and monologues to exhibits on productions.

Senior Showcase 2024

These non-ticketed events enable Quinnipiac University Senior Theater majors present their capstone projects.


‘Wayward: A One Woman Jukebox Musical’

Written by Haley Organ

‘Wayward’ is about three women, Jack (a pirate), Regina (a queen) and Luna (a witch) finding their places in the world while rising up against the long-standing patriarchy and stereotypes. Using performance as a method of understanding, this play will be put on as a one-woman-show to illuminate the multifaceted skills of an actor to not only play multiple types of characters but play them all at once.

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Costume Design Exhibit

Presented by Emma Bender

Costume designs for ‘Dog Act,’ ‘As You Like It’ and ‘Come From Away’ will be displayed in the Theater Arts Center Lobby. This project showcases the student designer’s ability to adapt to designing contemporary plays, classic comedy and musicals.



‘War of the Worlds: A Radio Play’

Presented by David Desrocher

Using Orson Welles’ 1938 ‘War of the World Broadcast,’ this project seeks to explore the effectiveness of a live radio play reenactment and the strategies and techniques a solitary actor can employ to create an evocative live experience. The slight modernizing edits made to the piece, focusing on robots rather than aliens, also gives a slight nod to the dangers posed by AIs and LLMs on the arts, while not distracting from the piece but still creating something new for the actor to navigate.

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‘Tumble Tuck’

Written by Sarah Milton

Presented by Jess Clark

This project aims to delve into the complexities of character development, mental health and body image through the solo performance of ‘Tumble Tuck’ by Sarah Milton. In addition to this performance acting as an interesting self-discovery for the actor, it also creates a platform for discussing women’s mental health and body image.



‘Pandora’s Jukebox’

Written by Theresa Cusson

‘Pandora’s Jukebox’ is a musical based on the Greek myth of Pandora set to the music of Taylor Swift. A jukebox musical is a musical that takes songs already created and writes the story around the songs. In this feminist reframing of the classic Greek Myth, Pandora pleads with the Gods, asking how she can earn their favor and save humankind.



‘All the Wrong Places’

Written by Maybe Stewart

Directed by Amari O’Connor

The focus of this project and production of ‘All The Wrong Places’ by Maybe Stewart is to empower underrepresented individuals to work together in a creative space dedicated to their voices and stories. Instead of creating theatre focused only on the product, this project is focused on the potential of catering to diverse lives and attributes during the process of our work and how to bring that to audiences outside of those identities. The culmination of this production will be an open dress rehearsal, educational panel and final performance.

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‘The Hound of the Baskervilles: A New Play’

Written by Christina Stoeffler

Based on the Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story, ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles,’ this new full length play adaptation will include the classic characters shown in a raunchy, witty light. The gothic comedy centers around the romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson which is often hinted at in many retellings but rarely investigated fully. This murder mystery not only investigates a genre typically overlooked and underperformed in theater but focuses on LGBTQ+ relationships which are still largely taboo in culture today.