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Theatre Arts Center Overview

The Theatre Arts Center on Sherman Avenue

The flexible, 12,000-square-foot Theatre Arts Center is a purposefully designed performance space, featuring a baby Steinway piano and a completely customizable layout.

The facility includes a costume shop and storage, a scene shop, a lighting and management booth and academic spaces, making it the heart of theatric production and performance at Quinnipiac.

A male student holds a script and performs in front of a black curtain during an audition

Under the bright lights

Connor Whiteley ’19 auditions for an upcoming performance Saturday, September 9, 2017, at the Theatre Arts Center.

Three students with scripts rehearse a scene in the grass outside the Theatre Arts Center building with other students nearby.

Autumn auditions

Students rehearse their scenes outside of the Theatre Arts Center during audition call backs for a fall performance.

2020-21 Season Upcoming Productions

Love and Information

By Carly Churchill
Directed by Rory Pelsue


Sunday, August 30 via Zoom

All are welcome to audition

  • General Call audition timeslots will be given between 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Individual auditions will happen with the Director at your timeslot via zoom – you will receive your time slot for that same evening during the zoom meeting
  • If you have any issues signing into the zoom meeting, please email

Zoom Meeting ID: 965 8303 5384
Password: 338682

A note from the director

I'm excited about the play in this context because the script is intentionally malleable and could be excitingly molded to fit both the form (live, digital, or hybrid) that the production will be required to take, as well as the political, social, and aesthetic concerns of the participating students. 

The play consists of 57 titled scenes ("Love," "Fate," "Chinese Poetry," etc.) in seven sections. The sections must be performed in order, but the scenes within each section can be performed in any order. There are also "random" scenes that can be dropped into any section, in any order. The characters are different in every scene and the cast size is infinitely flexible. 

Many productions of LOVE AND INFORMATION have been built on the director creating meaning by determining a set order of the scenes that is repeated in each performance. However, I am interested in a different approach, one that allows the unusual amount of interpretive license the play demands to come to the forefront. I want to make the unique, un-ordered form of the play accessible to the audience by determining the order of the scenes by chance at the beginning of each section, so that each performance feels completely unique. I'm excited by the challenge of building a production that allows for this kind of malleability, and by using the imaginative resources of the actors to create each scene's unique world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to prepare?
Students are asked to prepare 60 seconds of material that best shows you off as a performer. This can include, but is not limited to: monologue, song, stand-up, instrumental performance, dance, spoken-word and slam poetry.  

When will call backs take place?
Monday, August 31, 7 p.m. via Zoom

What are the show dates?
The show will open on Thursday, November 12 and will run for 5 performances.  

Can I participate if I am entirely remote for the fall semester?
Yes! There are opportunities for some actors and crew who wish to participate entirely remotely.  

Are there on-ground opportunities within this show?
Yes, so long as the university and the state of Connecticut allow it, some of the work for this show will be on-ground, at the theater.  

What should I expect from participating in this show?
We should all be very flexible with our expectations this fall. We are purposefully approaching this production with a lot of room to shift between virtual and on-ground approaches as the circumstances change within our state. 

What If I have more questions?
Please email

2020 New Play Festival

The 2020 New Play Festival is a collaboration between The Barrow Group, an off-broadway New York City producing Theater Company, and the Quinnipiac University Theater Program. Traditionally, nearly 50 QU students will take on the roles of playwright, director, actor and stage manager for seven world premier productions at the TBG MainStage Theatre just steps away from Times Square! Below are synopses of some of the productions created by QU students.  

Headshot of Nick Fetherston

Nick Fetherston

Playwright of "Not Long Ago, In A Forest Not Very Far Away"

Not Long Ago, In A Forest Not Very Far Away

Kenny wants nothing more than to shoot his Star Wars fan-film, but when Alex shows up at his film sight, Kenny can’t get over the deep disturbance in the Force…

Playwright: Nick Fetherston
Quinnipiac University: Doubt, a Parable (Father Flynn), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lysander), Seven Minutes in Heaven (Derek), The 2019 New Play Festival (Nick, “Can I Help You”; John, “Warehouse”), Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey II Puppeteer), The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast (Brad), As We EMERGE: Monologues of the Formerly Incarcerated (Stage Manager), The 2018 New Play Festival (Stage Manager, “Colby’s Trucks”)
The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center: “Growing Pains” NTI Fall 2019 Showcase (Ensemble Member, “The Game of Life”; Company Stage Manager)
The Legacy Theater: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lysander), Hamlet (Rosencrantz)
Education: National Theater Institute Fall 2019, Quinnipiac University, Theater Major

Headshot of Paige Parton

Paige Parton

Playwright of "U-HAUL"


“U-Haul” explores the final moments once a relationship is over. Alice and Beatrice have come back together for one final moment and are trying to pack up their old apartment, with that pack up feelings and words which were left unsaid. They are looking for closure in their final moments together, however closure look different for both of them.

Playwright: Paige Parton
Quinnipiac University: RAGE the Musical (Assistant Director), Baltimore (Producer), Seven Minutes in Heaven (Director), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena), Rumors (Cookie Cusack), Dog Sees God (CB’s Sister), The Imaginary Invalid (Stage Manager), The 2019 New Play Festival (Director, “Last Words”; Sheryl, “Surviving The Holidays”) The 2018 New Play Festival (Director, “Watch Your Back”), The 2017 New Play Festival (Stage Manager, “Not a Love Story”; Playwright, “Sloth Season”; Tina, “The Outlines They Live”) 
National Theatre Connections Project 2014: The Crazy Sexy Cool Girl’s Fan Club (Prancheeta) Awards: Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma Tau
Education: Quinnipiac University, Theater Major

Side by side headshots of Abby Nasworthy and Matteo Longobardi

Abby Nasworthy and Matteo Longobardi

Playwrights of "William's Willy"

William’s Willy

William’s Willy is a ri(dick)ulous raunchy comedy about new parents, Ben and Karen, and their newborn son, William. However, they run into a bit of an issue when it comes to discussing his… you know. Maybe their doctor, Christine, can help.

Playwright: Abigail Nasworthy
Quinnipiac University: RAGE the Musical (Assistant Director), The 2019 New Play Festival (Warehouse, Warehouse), Seven Minutes in Heaven (Assistant Director), Next to Normal (Assistant Stage Manager), No Exit (Assistant Stage Manager), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Snout/Wall), The 2018 New Play Festival (Stage Manager, ‘A Watercolor Sky’), Rumors (Props Coordinator), The Imaginary Invalid (Bonnefoy), Little Shop of Horrors (Assistant Stage Manager)
Education: National Theater Institute Fall 2019, Quinnipiac University, Theater Major

Playwright: Matteo Longobardi 
Quinnipiac University: Bad Jews (Lighting Designer), Seven Minutes in Heaven (Lighting Designer), Next to Normal (Stage Manager), No Exit (Stage Manager) A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Stage Manager), Rumors (Lighting Designer),  Little Shop of Horrors (Stage Manager), Clark Gable Slept Here (Stage Manager), The Imaginary Invalid (Assistant Lighting Designer), Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead (Assistant Stage Manager), The Clean House (Assistant Stage Manager), Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast (Stage Manager), The 2019 New Play Festival (Vinny, “Special Delivery”; Stage Manager “Surviving the Holidays”)
Education: Quinnipiac University, Civil Engineering major

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Students reading scripts in front of a black curtain in the Theatre Arts Center

In the moment

Students audition during call backs for Doubt, A Parable at the Theatre Arts Center.


“In theater, we teach that it’s not just the big moments that make life meaningful, but all of the small moments in between that make life truly special.”
Kevin Daly, Theater Program Director

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