Quinnipiac University
Theater director Kevin Daly gives opening remarks at a podium onstage to a large crowd

Quinnipiac’s student-run theater organization

Fourth Wall Theater

Fourth Wall Theater is a very close-knit community who welcomes and encourages other students to get involved in a variety productions and events. Through many hours of rehearsals and rewarding performances, students create lasting friendships while having the time of their lives.

Step into a new role

Fourth Wall is Quinnipiac's only student-run theater organization. Students run all aspects of the production, from the executive board to the cast to the director to the entire production team, which includes lighting, sound, stage management, props, set design and costumes.

The organization gives students who are already passionate about theater a place to train, grow and thrive while also allowing students who are new to the community a place to learn. All are welcome to join, regardless of experience.

With a wide variety of shows already produced, the Fourth Wall always strives to put a new and unique twist to even the most well-known stories. Fourth Wall also oversees Comic Sans, Quinnipiac's only improv troupe.

Past Productions

‘Alice in Wonderland’

‘Alice in Wonderland,’ Fourth Wall's fall production of 2022, was the largest cast with 17 actors! The creative takes the designers had on this piece allowed for the zany antics of Wonderland to only be elevated.

‘Little Women’

‘Little Women,’ Fourth Wall's spring production of 2022, was the organization's first sold-out show since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The story centers around female friendship, family, death, sickness, healing and hope.


‘Proof’, Fourth Wall's fall production of 2021, centered around a conversation about mental health. The main character of the story deals with heavy issues such as familial trouble, mental illness, grief, and death.

Comic Sans Improv Troupe

11 students smiling for the camera

Get ready to laugh

Comic Sans is Quinnipiac's improv troupe comprised of 11 members, all of whom are students. We perform Harlons, a long-form improv set of three different scenes that each surround a 'game' that repeats and escalates, creating more and more laughs. Auditions are hosted at the beginning of each school year.

In addition to performances throughout each semester, Comic Sans hosts bi-weekly Wednesday workshops where student leaders teach anyone and everyone improv basics. Everyone is always welcome!